Hoag Healthy Heart Month @ Matahari Cafe

Matahari's Signature Mezza Platter

A Vegetarian's delight!!!

Chef's combination of a variety of fresh vegetables   

A center piece garden salad topped with our house dressing made with fresh mint and dill, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic

Surrouded by Fresh Parsely Tabouli Salad,  Steamed Red Cabbage Salad, Fresh Beet Salad and Hummus Dip

Served with Pita Bread

Grilled Chicken Kabob

Marinated Breast of Chicken chargrilled served with cracked bulgar pilaf and steamed vegetables

Fish du Jour Provencale 

Filet of fish baked in a tomato sauce served with cous cous topped with dried fruits and nuts

other healthy menu items include

Grilled Eggplant or Zucchini

Steamed Brussel sprouts

Cauliflower baked with fresh ginger

Eggplant Lasagne and Pesto Pasta

Desserts   (we use half the amount of sugar or honey in our recipes)

Clafoutis  (French cherry custard tart)

Lemony Strawberry English Trifle

Matahari's Florentine Cookies made with almonds, orange peel, lemon peel, dried cherries and cranberries